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Founded in Ankara, Voice of Ankara is an innovative online platform that offers highly interactive live small group classes to kids and teens worldwide. Home to thousands of dedicated and talented teachers from different countries, it brings a variety of first-class live classes to students' fingertips. We enable Voice of Ankara students to discover and pursue their interests and improve their academic performance with inspiring and engaging learning experiences. To provide exceptional experiences for teachers and students alike, Voice of Ankara has developed a range of professional and powerful tools specifically for online education. Our innovative tools such as performance rewards and gamified learning take classroom interactions to the next level. Learners can be fully involved in the lessons and learn in a fun environment. Classes will be more effective by empowering them with grouping or special teaching functions. Allschool is a learning partner to support the lifelong growth of children and young people. We have language learning classes for all ages, whether online, face-to-face or in a group.

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